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Yana Hadas

Yana Hadas

Licensed R.E. Salesperson
C: (516) 330-7203
Over 20 years of experience in customer service in Israel, Yana Martiniuk Hadas decided to relocate to New York and start practicing in real estate , The real estate field is very fascinating and challenging all at once. Now to the main point , who doesn't like changes? Maybe a baby that wet in his dippers, Every person who's moving to a new apt if it is his first apt or his 10th, he is actually in a process of a change. This process is complicated and there are 4 major factors that the real estate agent is involved in: wants, hidden needs, obvious needs, and his client budget. My job is first of all to be sensitive and aware of the fact that my client is going through difficult and stressful process, Second thing is to coordinate between my client criteria and between finding him the right apt in the time of need.The way I see things....the clients who chose to work with me , they are giving me a look of trust, and allowing me to escort them and to be part of such a significant change in their life and for that I'm thankful and committed to do the most and the best I can that in the end my clients would be satisfied from the results and from my service and I will know that I helped them to find a place they can call home.